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    FIX for flashing red lights on NEATDESK

    • Written by from TAMPA

    Following is the reply I got from Neat about the flashing red lights: So far it has worked, though I worry about the small black plastic piece which seems so tiny it may be doomed to fail.
    "Please try the following to resolve your issue:

    Press the black button to the right of the business cards slot on your scanner. The front of the unit will pop open.

    Inside you'll see a black plastic piece with two rubber flaps. Nudge this piece to the left and you'll see it lifts up.

    Turn the large rubber roller behind the flaps with your finger to make sure nothing is caught there. The wheel will only spin in one direction. Once done, put the flaps back down into place.

    On the door side of the scanner, you'll see there are two clear plastic flaps. In between these flaps you should see a small black piece of plastic sticking out. Tap this piece to make sure it goes in and pops back out.

    If you do not see the small black plastic piece between these two clear flaps, it may be stuck inside the scanner. Please try using a paper clip or utility screwdriver to poke in the hole between these flaps to try to free the piece.

    Once done, close the front of the scanner and try scanning another item. Let me know how this works for you."

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    Neat Concept - Poor Execution

    • Written by from HOOK

    Using this in the UK, received it yesterday.
    The scanner works quite well, but the scanner guide is poor, on large documents with multiple pages, if one additional page fails it rejects the whole scan.
    The Neat software hangs regularly and you have to turn the scanner off and restart the software. On the 200 documents I've scanned with about 2 - 3 hours of work, I've had to 'Force Quit' the software around 5 times.
    The metadata that it reads from the document doesn't seem to populate the fields well, I have to type in lots of additional data about the document, its a pity it doesn't do this for you. , The tool is configured for the US market, it hasn't read a date properly for the UK yet, I've tried using the preferences to change the date format. Will have to keep experimenting. I like the search capability so the OCR seems pretty capable.

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