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  • Which end is which?

    There is a standard for describing electrical connections that is not used here. For 115 V AC, on the end of a cable one plugs into an outlet is a MALE connector. The outlet is a FEMALE connector. Is this gizmo a MALE MagSafe2 and FEMALE MagSafe1, or is it a MALE MagSafe1 and FEMALE MagSafe2. I think it is the former, but it's hard to be sure from the description.

    MALE MagSafe2 and FEMALE MagSafe1 would allow charging of a newer computer with an older power adapter.

    MALE MagSafe1 and FEMALE MagSafe2 would allow charging of an older computer with a newer power adaptor.

    Each task is going to be desired by some users. Why is there only one kind of adapter?