Would this work well as a storage device for all of my downloaded movies, iTunes and photo storage. Want to have access across wireless network.

PROMISE Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution

PROMISE Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution

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    This device is probably an overkill for your purpose. It was built for speed which will be negated by your wireless network. It does not offer enough capacity to be a media storage device. It requires a Mac computer with Thunderbolt port to share it across a network.
    If I may suggest, look for a NAS (Network Attached Storage).

  • No - it's a fairly low capacity, high throughput device. If you're editing uncompressed video, or large ProRes format files, or are perhaps using a Mac to project uncompressed HD video - this is your baby. But downloaded films and music, even in full HD and high definition audio will see no benefit from the throughput that this drive offers, and will fill it up very quickly (it could take perhaps 20 Blu-ray or 50 DVD rips, 100 if they were compressed down using a different codec. As someone else suggested, look at a NAS for your requirements - either an Apple Time Capsule, or better yet, something like a Synology NAS (the RAID in a Synology will protect your files against drive failures to a greater degree than the single drive in a Time capsule)

  • Yes, it would work fine for storing all your iTunes media. You can either make iTunes read the drive for the media or completely move the iTunes media folder onto the drive. Although this is a pretty expensive choice at the moment so i would opt for a cheaper usb 3.0 solution.