Would this adapter work equally well in an automobile?

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    It's designed for 15V DC that you find on airplanes. If you are the DIY type, you can make your own 15V DC automotive socket by using an automotive universal laptop supply to step up the car's 12V to 15V.

  • "The MagSafe Airline Adapter is not compatible with automobile power ports."


  • I used the Adapter in a 2005 VW Passat TDI for 4 hours powering the Mac Air and USD DVD Drive playing DVD disk movies. No modification, the Mac Air reported 100% charge before starting and it reported 100% charge after the drive. This was after playing 2 movies during the drive.

  • No, it definitely is not. I wanted to charge my MacBook Pro from my yacht battery as well as from the car. It seems to need excess of 12v to make it run and the only way I could make it even register power was to start the engine and the power surge made it work. Once the surge was over, it stopped.

    I bought it direct from an Apple Store where I was assured that it would work. I see that the online product description says "not for automotive use". I now have to travel a round trip of 160 miles to return it and buy the Apple friendly

    Kensington Ultra Portable 150W Power Inverter with USB Port

    - which is the answer to the problem. On the Kensington website, it is marked as a Mac suitable accessory.

  • Technically it is not meant to work in a automobile, in the documentation of the product it specifically says it dosen't work with an automobile so there you have it, for me it has been working perfect in airplanes.