With an iPhone un-amped, are these louder than the Bose QC3's?    I find the volume on the Bose headphones are not loud enough for my liking.

Volume level compared with Bose

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

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    well the Bose are around-the ear type so in a way the enclosure will make them sound louder and use the noise cancelation that they have but if its comparing the sound then no they are the same, they both offer a 40mm driver so the only difference is how they manipulate the sound. I have to be honest i dont like the Bose. Bose has a decent design to give you that added noise cancelation effect but in reality they dont do much justice to me and they feel cheap...they are almost fully made of plastic and really don't see reasoning in spending $300 bucks for them. The P5's have little to no plastic its Leather and metal not to mention the metal gives speakers added bass to a speaker and the speaker cones are made out of Kevlar woven which was engineered by B&W to reproduce high quality sound in all their speaker systems while all bose are made out of paper so you see that price tags starts looking alot more of a rip off compared to the P5's.

  • Never tried a pairs of qc3's before but I can tell ya that I've never had to take the volume over 75% when I have my p5's plugged into my iPhone 4S. Even when it's been at 75% it's usually only for short periods as its bordering on my pain threshold. Unless you have some kind of hearing damage these should easily be loud enough the average joe.