will we be allowed to view i tunes videos on this projector

I have an epsom projector but my i pad says it is not recognised and we cannot view i tunes downloaded videos through it. Will this one allow us to watch films downloaded from i tunes or not?

Epson Home Cinema Projector

Epson Home Cinema Projector

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    Not sure if this is the issue you are facing, but iTunes HD movies cannot be projected when the iPad/iPhone/iPod is connected to the dock. This is an Apple-imposed limitation on its devices and not an issue with the projector. You can, however, project standard-definition movies when docked so be sure to also download the SD version from iTunes.

  • Yes. I bought it and it works very well indeed. The sound system is good and certainly good enough for us to watch in a good sized sitting room together. It can easily be watched in a room without dimming ilights or closing curtains. There are some things on the i pad we can't watch when it is docked but the cable HDMI facilitates the viewing of everything we can access on the pad. The i pods also work through the docking station. In comparison with other non pad friendly data projectors this one is slightly more bulky due to the inbuilt speakers. It does not come with a case So this is an additional purchase if you want to take it anywhere.