will time capsule work with linksys 3000?

I have a modem from the cable company... I have a dell i7 with 8GB ramm, 1.5 TB and two - 2.0 TB drives and a 1 GB video card. I have connected this to a 32 " monitor with 4 HDMI imputs spaces... and it is imput #1. I have a loaded Mac Mini that is going into HMDI #2 with a 2 TB iomega drive attatched to it. I am interested on how I could use this 2 TB time capsule in conjunctions with my excisting linksys router wireless net work... I also have two iphones and two ipads... that already use the Linksys network along with two sony wireless computers. I would like to see if I could set up the Time Capsule to do the back up for the Mac Mini... and allow the iphone, ipads, and other wireless devices connect to it as well by changing the wifi network selction on that particular device... and still have it password protected? Oh... and also access the internet through this device as well? Do I need a dual output modem? Do they make those? BTW... the other two HDMI ports are going to be for an apple TV and a WDHD TV... the lights dim sometimes when I turn it on... I am interested in your thoughts on either how to handle this configuration... or is there a better option and what would be the trade-offs?

  • Asked by William S from Gainesville
  • Jan 13, 2011
QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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