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I have run out of storage on my MB air and was thinking of purchasing a TC primarily for extra storage as i want to build up a media database. My question is can i store movies on a TC and stream them on my mac book air through VLC or cineX or similar? (and ? stream through my i pad 3 as well) If not is there a better product that someone can advise that will do this? Thanks.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    ok i have 1st gen i upgraded the hard drive, the answer is yes it works. Ive done this, if i have movies on the TC i can play them on my mac mini in my bedroom, using what ever program necessary to decode the files.

    i don't know about streaming to the iPad, there are applications that can access the TC as part of being a server and i imagine they can run movie files on the ipad with out downloading to the ipad itself.

    another example of how good the TC is; i have a word document i work on using my mac mini and iMac in two locations; i have the file saved to the TC and i open it direct from the TC direct from my imac - when done i save to the TC again... i then access the file in this state from my mac mini with changes intact. brilliant