will this work with the iphone5?

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation DUO Battery - 6000 mAh

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation DUO Battery - 6000 mAh

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  • Yes! I've been using it with my iPhone 5. It doesn't come with sync/charge cables attached. Instead, it has two USB ports. You just plug in your own lightning cable for your iPhone 5.

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    Yes. It will charge any device that has a USB cable. The iPhone 5 is USB to lightning.

  • yes because it doesn't matter what device you are charging AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A CORD THAT HAS A USB PLUG ON ONE END.

    you simply plug your cord from your device into the Mophie charger, and then connect that to whatever device you are intending to charge. the pain here is needing different cords with you to charge whatever device(s) you bring along with you. then not forgetting them when you arrive home and plug them back into the wall.

    Mophie portable battery packs do not come with plug heads, only the cord. since you already have one, they forgo it considering it probably saves money and time for them. and they know you already have a plug, because you wouldn't need a portable battery pack charger if you didn't have an electronic device! lol

  • According to the Mophie site, it's compatible with all generations of iPhones and iPads.

  • yes it will and it works great.. it will charge it fully at least twice

  • I don't have my iPhone 5 yet, so I'm not positive. But I would think that if you put the short 10 pin to lightning connector on the ten pin end of the charging cable, that it should be able to charge it, unless there are some software issues. I am pretty sure that the frequency is the same

  • yes