Will this work with the ipad2?

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    Yes. I actually prefer it over the iPad 2 dock for these reasons: The front facing lip on the iPad 2 dock, although its heavier, provides more substantial support for the iPad, and less stress on the connector, it gets in the way of the SmartCover. I like having the iPad 2 docked with the SmartCover in place, which is NOT easily done with the iPad 2 dock, as ridiculous as that sounds! Secondly, the clean line of the IPad 2 face is obstructed with a white gash across the bottom of the black surface of the iPad. Now, if you have a white iPad 2, that's a far cleaner look. Personally, we use the white iPad 2 with the original iPad dock. Works very well and has a far better overall appearance.