will this work with iphone5 with the new adaptor attached

AltiGen iFusion SmartStation Dock for iPhone

AltiGen iFusion SmartStation Dock for iPhone

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    Yes, but it doesn't look as elegant as it does with an iPhone4/4s docked, but the 30 pin adapter can be used to make it work.

    To be clear, audio is handled by Bluetooth and there is a mode where the iFusion can act as a speakerphone even if the phone isn't sitting in the dock.

    The 30 pin connector was only ever used for two purposes. To charge the phone and if you have a micro usb cable from the iFusion connected to your computer, to sync the phone with iTunes.

    The 30 pin lightning adapter allows charging and sync so from a functional perspective it works just like it does with an older pre-iPhone 5.

    Sitting on the 30 pin lightning adapter, the iPhone 5 comes within just shy of 1/2" or approx. 1.1 cm from the top of the iFusion.

    It doesn't look terrible, just not as streamlined as the iPhone 4s did.