Will this work with a MacBook Pro?

Looking to start recording and wanted to know if this will work with a MacBook Pro. Will I sacrifice anything by using the MB Pro versus a tower (sound cards vastly different...etc)?

I'm currently on an Asus G71G-A2 and would consider moving to a MB Pro if I could use it in concert with the Ensemble.

Apogee Ensemble Audio Interface

Apogee Ensemble Audio Interface

Product No Longer Available

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    The Ensemble is a fire wire based interface, so it will work with the Mac Book Pro. Since it is an Apogee product, this interface is integrated with Apple Logic DAW. This is one of the best interfaces for Logic. Hope that helps.

  • If you think you're going to need the ability to record 8 tracks at one time, than the Ensemble is great for live or recording.

    The Ensemble will be taking the place of the sound card built into your mac, so in that case you're not sacrificing anything.

    Since you want to use it in concert, if you don't need 8 ins and outs, then the Duet (also an apogee product) would be great since it has two inputs for multi tracking two instruments or recording in stereo.

    The Duet is basically two channels out of an Ensemble.

    Hope this helps.