Will this work with a macbook 2007, garageband 11' and an AX-360?

i have a late 2007 macbook aluminum body, it has 2 usb ports, an audio input port and an audio out port.
My guitar is an ESP LTD standard series AX-360.
I also am using garageband 11'.

Will my setup be easy?
And do I plug my guitar into it or is it just recording?

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

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    Your setup should be very simple. You'd plug ONE into your MacBook via USB, plug the breakout cable into ONE, and plug your guitar into the 1/4" input on the breakout cable.

    Open System Preferences --> Sound and select ONE for input and output.

    Turn on your monitors in GarageBand to hear yourself, press record, and you're good to go.

    What OS are you running? As long as it's 10.5.7 or greater you're fine.