Will this work in Ireland to charge my iPhone? Do I really need it or just an adapter plug? Will the iphone charger take up to 240 volts?

Motorola phones say on the charger 110-240V, but I cannot read the silver print on the iPhone charger. I know I need an adaptor plug for Ireland, but I don't know if I need a voltage converter as well. If someone can read the charger for iPhone 3GS for me, that would be helpful.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    You don't need this. One of those "plug changers" will do the trick (not a voltage converter -- just a plug changer). The little "white block" for the iPhone takes up to 240v (even the US one -- check the fine print on the bottom by the plugs).

    I went to Scotland last summer and took both my iPhone block charger and my MacBook and charger -- plugged both into a short U.S. extension cord, put a plug adapter on the end of the extension cord and went about charging my gear every night. Both power supplies auto-ranged for voltage and it worked out great!

  • By using a magnifying glass and good light I was able to read "Input: 110-240V".