Will this work if applied to the trackpad on the MacBook Pro, or only on the Magic Trackpad itself?

Mobee Magic Numpad for Apple Magic Trackpad

Mobee Magic Numpad for Apple Magic Trackpad

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    No unfortunately not, it only works with the magic trackpad because of the size of the films and the software is only designed for the magic trackpad and not the trackpad on the MacBook.

  • The difference in size between the Magic Trackpad and de MacBookpro Trackpad suggest this wil not work.

  • It says it works exclusively with the Magic Trackpad, so that means a no-go for the MBP. Anyway, the Magic Trackpad is a whole lot bigger than the one on the Pro, so the skins wouldn't fit.

  • I cannot tell you that the software will work, but I can tell you that the films will not fit due to the large size of the magic trackpad.