will this work as a repeater for ATT Uverse

I have ATT Uverse WiFi. Can I use APE at the other end of the house (without cables) using ATT WiFi sending to APE Wifi as a 'repeater' to allow hdmi update for my HD tv and drive a usb printer?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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  • Yes. I turned off the wifi on my uverse gateway and allow the extreme to handle the whole network, wired and wireless. It handles a network hard drive, network printer, plus multiple devices and 3 HDTV with apple TVs wireless. The newer apple tv model will carry ethernet and hdmi on the same cable. THe extreme has no problems sending HD video from media server.

    I'm working on a blue ray server. But I don't think the blue ray stuff is going to work with this router wirelessly. However, I do think an HDMI wired network just for the movies etc is the route I'm going.