will this product work with google sketch pro?

i run a mac book pro and i use google sketch often, i am interested in purchasing this product but would like to know if this would work with the application. thanks

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Pen Tablet

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Pen Tablet

Product No Longer Available

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  • I too use Sketch pro but it's made by Autodesk, not Google.

    To answer your question, the moment you begin working with this tablet, you will ask, why you waited so long.

    That is what we all ask ourselves.

    Wait till you see what you can accomplish with this tablet.

    Believe me when I tell you, the tablet workflow is indispensable and if you don't know how to use it, you are denying yourself the very skill that is so highly valued in the graphics industry; to forensically improve the product while leaving no trace of your work!

    That my friend is the secret to my success.