Will this fit the iPhone 4s?

Speck PixelSkin HD for iPhone 4S

Speck PixelSkin HD for iPhone 4S

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    Yes, it will fit the 4S. I have it and it has a nice feel, the molded sound buttons work very easily as does the sleep button.

  • Just to put people's mind at rest as to whats going on here..

    Will it line up or won't it?

    The confusion here is the fact that when the iPhone 4S came out - Apple moved the position of the mute button a bit.

    This meant if you had the original version of the PIxelSkin HD case for iPhone 4 (as I did), when you put this case on your 4S, it no longer let you access the mute button easily as it was half obscured.

    What has happened since then, is PixelSkin have brought out a newer universal version - you can identify this new version by looking at the size of the camera hole - its now huge! (to stop shadows at the edges of your photos). The old case had a much smaller camera hole.

    This case on sale here is the new one for the 4S!

    Hope that helps clear that up.

  • I disagree with the previous reviewer who said the side mute button does not line up correctly. I have the purple Speck PixelSkin HD and, unlike the black version, the purple one has a larger cut out for the side mute button & it aligns perfectly with my new iPhone 4S. And the purple case fits all buttons of the iPhone 4S flawlessly.

  • This case will fit the iPhone 4S phone with one exception. The case will mold with the two side volume buttons and the top power button, however, the case is offset with the side mute button so it does not fit in the middle.