Will this constrain the performance of a solid state drive?

If you have a solid state drive as your primary hard drive and you use this for time machine, will the 5400 rpm force the solid state drive to "wait" for the go-flex and hence slow down your processing?

Seagate 1.5TB GoFlex for Mac Ultra-portable Drive

Seagate 1.5TB GoFlex for Mac Ultra-portable Drive

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  • It will be slower than a 7200 rpm drive. Would be able to notice if you were writing video files. Any hard disk drive is going to be slower than a Solid State drive. However with the multiple cores within a processor, the other cores would move on to the next job, so i doubt it would be something you notice.
    The advantage of using the hard disk drive instead of a solid state drive, is that you can get many more writes to the drive. You should never use defragmenting software on a solid state drive, as it will cause them to fail sooner. The SSD drives will mark off cells that no longer are able to hold data, and eventually the SSD drive will shrink.