Will this case damage a MBA if it is left on the computer 24/7 (by causing overheating, for example)?

I'm getting a new MBA within the next month or two and am looking at a "scratch protector" (I plan to get a second, padded, case to keep it in while I'm not using it, but I want the shell to serve as a "scratch and scuff" protector ... which means the shell will need to stay on the computer while it is in use). However I don't want to get anything that might contribute to overheating by either (a) obstructing the air vents, or (b) acting as a form of insulation and slowing heat dissipation.

Will this one work -- without contributing to heat damage?

Thanks in advance :)

Moshi iGlaze Shell Case for MacBook Air

Moshi iGlaze Shell Case for MacBook Air

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    No this will not damage the computer by leaving it on. The case is designed precisely for the 13" air, which means that it provides complete access to all ports/connections and more importantly heating vents

  • I own a MBA 11" that i bought on March 2012 with the Moshi shell case. I use it 24/7 since that date and i never have any problem with that.