Will this card work with the 4 x 512GB SSD option available when ordering a Mac Pro?

I'd like to make 2 volumes, each RAID 1 to get the speed of SSD with the reliability of mirroring for a VCS/SCM server. One volume for the VCS data and the other volume for boot and the VCS journal.

Mac Pro RAID Card

Mac Pro RAID Card

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    RE: Henry M from Lafayette

    I believe your answer is correct, but are we looking at different Apple websites? Footnote #7 on the Mac Pro specs page (/macpro/specs.html on www.apple.com) is "1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = 1 trillion bytes; actual formatted capacity less." It says nothing about the Mac Pro RAID card on the Mac Pro specs page I can see.

  • It seems to work ok with Samsung 840 EVO SSDs. The specs of the card might not state SSDs are supported but if you stick 4 in there, it works. (and you can test its faulty tolerance by yanking a drive, then putting it back and watching a rebuild)

    Beware OCZ though. Firmware issues with them cause hilarity with this card (not to mention their extremely high SSD failure rate)

  • updated answer:

    Short answer: NO

    If you read the specifications page for the Mid 2010 Mac Pro (kb/SP589 at support.apple.com), and look at the available options, you should find that the option for the Mac Pro Raid Card has a footnote (#7), which states:

    "Solid-state drives are not compatible with the Mac Pro RAID Card in either RAID or Enhanced JBOD mode."

    the Mid 2012 Mac Pro uses the same RAID card.

    note: The specs shown at macpro/specs.html will vary as new models appear, and typically do not discuss the addition of a RAID card.