Will this Anti Glare Film Set block the white iPhone 4 sensor, like all the others do?

I recently purchased the white iPhone 4. The screen protector Verizon recommended I purchase blocks the sensor on top so when I make a phone call the screen does not shut off. I have looked everywhere and there does not seem to be a cover that works for the white iPhone.

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

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    I just bought this for my iPhone 4S and I can confirm that this film has a cut out now for the sensor, along with cut outs for the front camera and speaker. So it does NOT block the sensor.

  • You could cut out the top of the screen protector to expose the proximity sensor. As you can see from the image online this does cover the proximity sensor. I am not aware of a company making a screen protector that exposes the proximity sensor.

  • I have tried using power support HD anti glare
    Film on my white iPhone 4 n it work perfectly.
    But since then I changed it to cystsl film it doesnt
    Seem to work

  • No. There is already an area that is cut out for the Sensor, Camera and Speaker.

  • The power support anti glare screen protector works with all of the White iPhone 4's I have fitted it to