will this allow my room-mate to view my hard-drive when both connected?

I'm in one bedroom with a Mac that will be connected to Airport Extreme via Ethernet to a Time Warner internet box. She has a PC and wants to connect to the internet too, but we don't want to share files, just the connection.
I don't want to lose any signal strength or speed however.

  • Asked by Teri A from Marina Del Rey
  • Aug 22, 2010
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    "will this allow my room-mate to view my hard-drive when both connected?"

    No, not unless you enable "sharing" settings on your Mac, making it accessible to others nearby, or on the same network.

    Make sure to setup a non-administrative "user account" for your own everyday use of your computer. That is, an account without administrative privileges so that any time you might be temporarily away from your computer, its secrets will remain out of sight. Setup a strong password that will protect your administrative control over your Mac and the Extreme. Keep it secret.

    The signal strength and speed of a properly setup Extreme should allow both of you to stream from the web at the same time.

    • Answered by Andrew H from Carmel
    • Aug 27, 2010