will they work with my macbook pro laptop? Does the laptop have the capabilities to connect to them bluetooth or can they be connected with a adapter

JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

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    Just bought JBL Flip. It sounds great!! pairs well with IPhone 4S. Will not pair with my MacBookAir. Disappointing but not a deal breaker. Mini to Mini plug works just great. Still Disappointing because it makes little sense to me since my Air has Bluetooth.

  • Should be able to use a mini AUX cable via headphone jack on MBP if you do not have Bluetooth capabilities. I have a 2006 MBP and was able to connect via Bluetooth without any problems.

  • I connected the JBL Flip to all my devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad 3 and MacBook Air. All them sounded great!