Will these work with an imac or macbook as a voip headset?

Klipsch Image X10i In-Ear Headset for iPhone and iPod

Klipsch Image X10i In-Ear Headset for iPhone and iPod

Product No Longer Available

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    If you have an all-in-one headphone jack that also functions as the microphone jack like on my 13.3" MBP, then they work perfectly fine as a voip headset. The microphone works, as well as the volume and song controls.

  • Yes. And they will play pause and increase/decrease volume

  • i have no idea what these other people are talking about... you need an adapter that klipch sells to use it with voip or any other phone system. however these do come with a remote and the best integrated mic that i have used. I have owened a variety of klipch headphones over the past few years and i keep these at my laptop where i will use them most. the remote works well for everything except it lacks the ability to answer calls which i presume is what you are referring to in your question. i simply pick up the phone manually and the audio routes itself to your headphones if they are plugged in. i am curious as to how the voip adapter works so post back if you do end up getting it and let me know how it works for you.

  • The "i" stands for iPhone and iPod.Hence the answer is no.The buttons won't work and neither will the microphone ,however you can listen to music.