Will these speakers work with airplay?

I am looking for a couple of rechargeable speakers that I can place around my house for a party, and want to be able to use airplay so that all of the speakers are playing the same thing. Will these sync with my Airplay?

iHome iHM89 Rechargeable Portable Mini Speakers

iHome iHM89 Rechargeable Portable Mini Speakers

Product No Longer Available

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    unfortunately they will NOT work. That is indeed a great feature about AirPlay, being able to stream the same high quality lossless digital audio simultaneously to multiple speakers.
    There are multiple brands of AirPlay speakers out there. iHome has 3 solutions within Apple.com. They have 3 models ( iW4 is a 30 pin docking clock radio with AirPlay and iW1 and iW3 are just speakers. The iW3 comes in 3 colors: black,silver, red) that are lithium-ion rechargeable, making them a true wireless speaker. All models are particularly easy to set-up on your network because iHome has a free connect app on the App store to help get you setup.

  • I use these speakers with my airplay network. Simply plug the 1/8" jack into the airport express and voila, you have connection to your airplay network. You will need an airport express to receive the wireless signal. These speakers are terrible however and only lasted a year before braking down & losing their ability to provide a clear and quality rendering of sound.

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