Will the TC fit upsidedown in the bracket to allow for cable routing?

H-Squared Air Mount TC for Time Capsule

H-Squared Air Mount TC for Time Capsule

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    Certainly. If the mount is installed upright, you can install the Time Capsule in the "cables down" or the "cables up" orientation. There is a built-in stop at the bottom of the mount that prevents a Time Capsule from sliding completely through. The built-in stop will not interfere with your cables.

    Regardless how you orient it, the softer bottom of the Time Capsule will face the surface to which the mount has been attached. If your unit does not fit snugly in the mount and slips past the stop, you may be trying to install an AirPort Extreme in a Time Capsule mount.

  • Thanks for the answers, now I can hang my T.C. to suit my upside-down nature! Cheers

  • RB from Springfield appears to be discussing if you installed the Time Capsule back-to-front rather than upside-down (ie. the grips slide into the grooves but with the Time Capsule facing the other way so that there is room behind it for the cables to drop down) ... this indeed would lead to the Time Capsule dropping through, however I don't believe this is what the original question referred to.

    The original post related to fitting the bracket the correct way up but installing the Time Capsule (still facing outwards as it should do) with the cables trailing from the bottom instead of the top. The small lip at the bottom of the bracket that stops the Time Capsule sliding right the way through should do the same no matter which way up the Time Capsule is inserted.

  • In theory, yes. In practice, no. The bracket provides stability for the unit, while it's held in place by "grasping" the slot around the top of the TC. If you put it in upside-down to create a space for cable routing it would eventually slip out (and crash to the floor). A good selection of zip-ties (they do make petite ones) would be a better solution, and provide a far more professional look to the installation as well.