will the square reader fit my iphone 5 with an otter box case on it

Square Credit Card Reader

Square Credit Card Reader

Product No Longer Available

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    I have found the "CellPay 3.5mm audio extension cable" that works on all Apple iPhones (3, 4, 5), iPad (1, 2, 3, 4), IPad Mini, ITouch or any apple product using a protective case. It's a 3.5mm audio extension cable from CellPay Accessories. We tried for months to find an audio extension that worked and we kept having to take the cases off. Then one day we found CellPay as our local Radio Shack rep referred us and since then we have not damaged a device removing it from the case (as we don't any more) and our sales are easy and simple. Plus our techs are happier as it saves them time and us money.

    Just plug the reader into the cable and the cable into the phone. You can look online for the CellPay 3.5mm audio extension cable otterbox compatible. FYI it works with Gum Drop cases and others, plus other 3.5mm mobile readers by PayPal Here, Intuit and more.

  • Nope, the case gets in the way.

  • It doesn't with my Otter Box but its so easy to remove the Otter box, its a non issue.