will the speck candyshell work on the iphone 4 dock

  • Asked by Anthony P from Las Vegas
  • Jan 22, 2011
Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

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3 Answers from the Community

  • No, because the Speck Candyshell is way to thick to fit into it, the Apple iPhone 4 Dock is made for the iPhone 4's thickness and that only, it can also fit the iPhone 4S.

    • Answered by Diana J from Newport Beach
    • Nov 12, 2011
  • Answer

    So far... no shell/case will allow you to place your iPhone4 on the dock. You have to remove any case from the iPhone before docking it. Maybe you want to try using a Universal Dock with a bigger adapter.

    • Answered by Juan A from Guatemala
    • Mar 4, 2011
  • Speck now has a hard shell case that flips open at the bottom so that you can dock your iPhone 4S. I got mine at the Verizon store and it's great! Not sure if it fits the iPhone 4 but you could check it out.

    • Answered by Kathleen A from Springboro
    • Mar 9, 2012