Will the smart cover damage my ipad

Will the magnetic attraction of the smart cover to the iPad damage it

iPad Smart Cover Leather

iPad Smart Cover Leather

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    Yes it leaves a gray/black stain where the magnet is. This is my second iPad I returned the 1st one due to the stains. The guy said it couldn't be because of the smart cover. Really? Same thing happened again. I bought the smart cover to protect my iPad and it mad it look worse.

  • Well it can, i saw a video on YouTube where a guys smart cover had left scratches where it had attached to the side. Im not sure whether he had fitted it correctly or not though, but if it is fitted correctly i really doubt that it would damage your product

  • no it will not i have a iPad 2 and a smart cover and it does not it the only contact the smart cover has with it is when i hooks on to the iPad 2 using magnets

  • The Smart Cover Won't Damage Your iPad Because The Smart Cover Has A Rubbery Side At The Left Of The Smart Cover. So It Will Protect The Face Of The iPad.

  • Not at all. It was designed specifically for the iPad.