Will the router make the network think all the items connected have the same mac and IP address? I am only able to register one mac/IP will this work

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Routers which make all the devices on your home network appear to have a single MAC and IP address are providing NAT functionality. You would be hard pressed to find a residential class router that did not provide NAT functionality. The AirPort products will provide NAT functionality when configured to do so. Unlike many other residential class routers, they also allow you to disable the NAT and do a simpler bridge function as well. There are usually two sets of Ethernet ports labeled WAN for connecting to a broadband modem and LAN for connecting additional devices on a private network. Note that the AirPort Express only has one Ethernet port which can be configured either as WAN or LAN.

  • To clarify JM's question:

    He wonders that if it is possible to let external networks believe that any devices connected to the router, can appear as if they have the same IP- and MAC address.

    I have the same problem against my ISP. I would like beeing able to set the same MAC-adress for all connected devices for one of my routers.