will the new macbook 7 hour battery work in a three year old macbook?

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

Product No Longer Available

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    Two problems:

    1) The battery in the new MacBook is not supposed to be removable.
    2) It will not fit in the original MacBook.

    The "7hr battery" is pretty close in capacity to this battery, it's just that the new MacBook is a lot more energy efficient and that's why you can get up to 7 hours out of it. Even if you could take the battery out of the new MacBook and put it in your old one, you still would not be able to get 7hr of battery life out of it. My guess would be 4 maybe.

  • The quick answer is NO. So called 7 hour battery is designed for new MacBooks of 2009. Three year old MacBook will use user replaceable batteries available at any Mac Store. To extend your battery life, use appropriate power settings on your Mac and mainly use minimum practical display brightness to extend your battery usage.

  • I believe not...... mostly because the newer batery is designed for the newer update, which has newer technology, So mostly likely, it might not work. But, its always worth a try.......