Will the iPhone 4 fit into the dock with the protective bumper on it or do you have to remove the bumper first?

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

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    I've just tried this with an iPhone 4 and bumper case, and can confirm it doesn't fit in (as expected but one always hopes).

    I suspect that it will charge with the universal dock, if you take out the custom insert / use an original iPhone or iPhone 3G insert.

  • You will have to remove it, because:
    The shape of the dock-insert is custom made to hold the iPhone 4, not iPhone 4+bumper (or any other case).

  • no, this iphone dock is specifically fitted for the iphone 4 without the case. the shape of the dock is exactly the same as the iphone 4 universal dock adapter, which doesn't work with the bumper case.

  • I recommend buying the universal dock as the opening is large enough that it should take the iPhone 4 + Bumper. Apple needs to hire a Jonathan Ive for the accessories department.

  • no.

    with the bumper on it will not fit into any dock or configuration of dock adapters. Even when it fits into the outside diameter of an original iphone dock with no adapter in the way, the bumper is just too thick for the charging unit to reach all the way into the phone and get a connection.


  • If want to to use a dock for an iPhone 4 and don't want to remove its bumper every time you put it in the dock, you'd get the "Apple Universal Dock". If a bumper is attached on the iPhone just remove the dock adapter from the Universal Dock before you put the phone into the dock. Without the adapter, bumper and iPhone 4 fits nicely into the dock and charging works, too.

  • I don't think it will, but you can use the universal dock with no insert.

  • With the new protective bumper on the iPhone 4 the cradle is rendered useless. The bumper needs to be removed.

    Too bad

  • I was recommended today by a apple store employee to buy a Incase Slider case for iPhone 4. The bottom half slides out so it goes onto any iHome, or dock like this one. Perfect fit!

  • No.

    If you have an Universal Dock remove the insert, and your in business, Note older Universal Dock for Ipod will get the job done too.

  • No, it won't fit. You need to remove the bumper. Or rather than having to remove the fiddly bumper you can use the universal dock with no adapters - works fine.

  • I have seen it been forced on there but this is something that I would not advice. The dock is really designed for the iPhone without a case.

    Hope this helps!

  • You have to remove the bumper first