Will the iPhone 4 dock allow me to view content on my TV using the Apple iPhone component cable set?

I'm currently trying to connect a new iPhone 4 dock to my Onkyo receiver using the Apple component AV cable and not having any luck. Does the iPhone 4 dock support TV out or am I forced to use the universal dock?

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

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    Yes, video can be played threw the dock.

    Video will only be pushed thew the cable when you are playing a movie, music video or photo slideshow (other applications may also output video).

    Video can be played without the dock as well. Just connect the cable directly to the iPhone/iPod.

  • The dock may pass through component video (3 colored phono conectors.)
    But it does not pass through composite video (yellow phono conector)

  • The Component AV cable has the 30 pin connector on it and that is what you would enter into the dock. So the dock extends that connector into your iphone. So essentially yes it would work with your component AV cable.