Will the iPad fit on this frame if it has a Belkin Grip Vue on it?

Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad

Griffin A-Frame Stand for iPad

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    Yes it will fit perfectly. I have both the Grip Vue and the Griffin A-Frame and think it's the perfect combination. I believe the stand was designed with skins in mind hence the perfect fit.

  • From what I've read from reviews of the A-Frame, yes, it will. It says that the stand accommodates most cases (that aren't sleeves) and there are pictures of this being used with the Apple iPad Case. As long as the case isn't incredibly thick as the Incase Convertible Book Jacket, it should be fine. The A-Frame is also packaged so it can be tested at stores, you I would recommend you do that if that's an option for you.

  • Fits great....I bought this stand today and it will last forever. It is made very very well. Right now I have it in the stand, with the Belkin cover on and in the landscape position so it can charge while I am typing this response. It's a must buy, you won't be sorry.