will the ipad 2 cover ever turn the ipad off.

After a certain time its coverd will the ipad shut down?

iPad Smart Cover

iPad Smart Cover

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  • whenever you cover the screen with the smart cover completely, the ipad will go to sleep, not completely shutting it off.

  • Best Answer:

    yes it will when you put the smart cover back on the screen it will lock

  • If you so choose, closing the smart cover locks the iPad / switches the screen off. When you open it, it unlocks the iPad and switches the screen on, all without needing to touch the sleep button or home button. This is the default behaviour.

  • It puts the iPad to sleep, but doesn't turn it off. Mine was completely charged (100%) this AM. 8 hours later and without having used the iPad at all today, it's down to 83%. hmm.

  • the IPad2 senses when the smart covers is completely on and turns to sleep-mode

    when the cover is lifted off the ipad it turns on where you last left off