Will the Echo transfer to Iphone & Ipad ?

Livescribe 8GB Echo Pro-Pack

Livescribe 8GB Echo Pro-Pack

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    Not directly. You have to transfer to desktop and then post it to Evernote or their own cloud, which can be accessed on the pad or phone. A bit clumsy, because if you go back to your paper notebook and annotate the pages, the changes are not automatically published into your cloud. You have to delete the old copy from the cloud and repost the whole thing. Definitely something I'd love to see improved.

  • I have recently seen the demo, the short answer is yes you can sync your note with iPhone and iPad, download the PenCast Player from the iTunes Store.

    The long answer is you need to write on the special notebook that came with the pen, when you want it uploaded or sync, you draw a horizontal line across and write iPad or iPhone just above the line you drew, then you select the pages you want to sync to your iPhone or iPad. And next time you dock / connect the pen, it will sync those info to your iPhone or iPad.