will the case fit my 15 inch Macbook pro with a hardshell Speck case?

HEX Recon Messenger Bag

HEX Recon Messenger Bag

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    I received this case as a birthday present and have to return it because my 15" MBP just barely fits as it is. In fact the only way to close the zippers is to pull up on them when closing to ensure they clear the corners of the laptop, otherwise the laptop will get scratched. So I'm guessing that you probably wouldn't get the zippers closed at all with the speck case added.

    It's too bad because otherwise I really like this case! It just needs to be ever so slightly bigger for clearance.

  • No - I just purchased this, and have the same as you (15" MBP with Speck case) and I had to remove the case in order to get my MBP into this bag. It is a very tight fit.

    Note that I have the uni-body style MBP, I'm not sure whether the older style MBP's would fit.