Will the bumper mess up with this film same as any other generic films out there even the Invisible shield?

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

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    No, it works well with the bumper. I got the 3pc set from the Power Support website with two front films (crystal and anti-glare) and crystal back protector. Both front and back protectors work beautifully with the bumper.

  • Bumper will not mess this up.

  • Good question - no it does not. My brother uses his bumper and this film, and all is well. You do have to install the bumper gently, and ensure that it does not rub up against the corner of the screen with the film installed. I am using a Belkin Clear Vue case, and it does pull the film set up on the corner.

  • I don't own one yet but one of the attractive things about it is that it (apparently) doesn't cause this issue (I think it says on the website). I currently have the invisible shield and to be fair that hasn't caused the edges to rise. I think you just have to spend the time putting it on properly.

  • No it will not. In fact, the bumpers and the films are the best combo for the iPhone 4, they work flawlessly, it's like they're meant to be together. =)

  • no i have this film and the bumper and it does not bother it at all