Will the Bose SoundDock II work with & charge the 4rd Generation I-pod touch?

Bose SoundDock Series II Silver

Bose SoundDock Series II Silver

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    Bose customer service said that “testing showed that all iPod models would fit into the Sound Dock II, the iPod Touch 4 may be a little more snug then previous models”
    Apple customer service however stated that the iPod Touch 4 is not compatible with any Bose products at this time. The iPod Touch 4 is a new technology and there are few accessories for it at this time, however give it a few months and there will be a bunch of companies making products for the iTouch 4.
    I personally own an iPod Touch 4, an iPod Nano 1st gen and a Bose Sound Dock II, the Nano works perfectly, however I could NOT get the Touch 4 to fit into the dock. I got the Bose dock knowing I would purchase the Touch 4 at release, and here I am with a $300 dock that will only play my 5 year old Nano.

  • I have a sounddock II and an ipod touch 4th gen, and they ARE compatable. I had trouble at first getting the ipod to fit into the dock, but I had a cover on my ipod at the time. I took off the protective outer cover and the ipod fits on the dock just fine. Sounds great, remote works, all functions work while docked.

  • Mine works fine. Its a little more snug than my Nano was, but does go on. We are playing and charging as we speak!!

  • Our IPod does not dock with the Bose sound dock and we have wiggled it and fooled around with it .
    I hope Bose fixes this soon