Will the ATI Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Upgrade Kit work in a Mac Pro 1.1 (2006)?

  • Asked by Brian C from Los Angeles
  • Aug 9, 2010
ATI Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or Early 2009)

ATI Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or Early 2009)

Product No Longer Available

4 Answers from the Community

  • The card worked perfectly in my 2006 Mac Pro. I have 16 gbs of ram. Just to let you know.

    • Answered by David V from Staten Island
    • Jul 7, 2011
  • Best Answer:

    This card *may* not work. What the initial answerer to this question failed to mention was that if this card has an EBC type ROM onboard, it can indeed boot in EFI32 systems. That doesn't mean that there won't be issues - there may well be some big ones that we can't foresee. The only thing that would keep this card from booting in the 1,1 Mac Pro models is if the card itself has only an EFI64 enabled ROM onboard. And we won't find out until somebody gets ahold of either a final production unit or a late beta model that is close to final.

    This card appears to be based on the Sapphire Cypress XT design, minus the extra VRAM. Assuming EBC ROM type, it could well boot a 1,1 Mac Pro easily. :)

    • Answered by Eric R from Hayward
    • Aug 11, 2010
  • Yes, I can confirm that both DVI ports, Display port, and HDMI work on a Mac Pro 1,1.

    • Answered by Allen W from San Pedro
    • Mar 12, 2014
  • Apple only officially supports this card in the 2010 and 2009 models. It might work in older ones (we'll know once someone tries it), but almost certainly won't on the 2006 model; the card will apparently require a 64-bit EFI which was in the last few, but not the initial Mac Pros.

    • Answered by Daniel O from South Pasadena
    • Aug 10, 2010