Will the Airport Extreme help boost a Blackberry 8900 wifi signal as well as my iphone4 wifi signal? Our service is so weak we range from 1 to 3 bars.

I can get wifi through my airport express just fine and have it hooked into the ATT modem directly. However: my iPhone4 (ATT) and my partner's Blackberry 8900 (t-mobile) get very weak signals either on 3g or our wireless.
I looked at prices and options of home boosters like Wilson and Zboost but pricing and mounting is not what I need to get into. I'm in a large 4000sf home with no access to put up an external antenna nor will my HOA allow it.

I own a Mac Book Pro with snow leopard and he has windows 7.

Just can't get through a simple phone call without loosing the signal at least once during the call.

BTW.... ATT already checked out the cell tower and my technical side on the iPhone4.

Suburbs are great unless you are dependent on cellular use for you home based business!

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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  • The airport extreme will help boost you WIFI signal, NOT your 3G cellular signal that your cellphone uses. As for your issues with your phone calls, there's probably something wrong with your closest cell tower or antenna.