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Good day

We have a BT broadband router for the Mac OS X Snow Leopard and PC Windows Vista that we operate in our home.

The time Capsule appears to have what we need for both networking and backing up both of our systems, but not if it is not compatible with our ISP - BT broadband.

Therefore before we go ahead and purchase one we would appreciate it if you could respond to our query.

Many thanks

Frank Quick.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Hi, i just bought a couple of Macs and a time capsule ,i only have a BT ADSL line and a BT home-hub 2.0 but i now have both the Imac and the Macbook Pro accessing the internet via an extremely powerful Time capsule wifi network and both machines back-up with no problems every hour onto the TC absolutely perfectly without me doing anything! You can come across a"NAT" conflict which is caused when both connected machines are sharing the same IP address but all you do is disable NAT for one of the PC's.
    Just an afterthought, when i display all wireless networks my Hub is still transmitting and i just moved my Apple network to the top of the lists o as to prioritise it when connecting a laptop! This way i am still transmitting a BT FON signal for others to use and means i am still eligible for hotspots when travelling as opting out of FON would remove my free unlimited access throughout the FON network in airports and public places etc!,,,,Dave Cummings (we never had computers at school)! North Shields UK