will it keep a record of the blood preasures of more than one person, and if so, up to how many?

i am a home health nurse who keeps records of multiple patients blood preasures. would this have the capibility of monitoring 25 pt blood preasures? taking the blood preasure, recording, saving it? thank you.

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

Product No Longer Available

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    As of today (4/21/11) the app update is available for download at no cost. It does allow for multple users with individual names, ages, etc.

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    At the moment it is just a single person, but the next upgrade that will be out in about a month will have unlimited amounts of users, so you will be able to create accounts for all your patients where they will be able to save their results individually.
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  • Right now you only can track one person's testing results. It will support multiple users(as many as you need it) after next version.