Will iPad dock allow synching to iTunes on a laptop with low-power USB2 port?

I was disappointed to find that I am unable to use my new iPad 2 with my home computer (Dell Inspiron laptop) because the USB2 ports do not provide enough current, even when on AC adapter.

My iPad got stuck in Recovery Mode partway through the initial firmware installation, and after several calls to Apple Support it was eventually necessary for me to install iTunes on Mom's desktop computer to complete the restore.

Anyway, If I want to use the iPad 2 with iTunes on my own computer I will need some sort of AC-powered USB hub or adapter.

Will the Apple iPad 2 Dock work for this application, or is it also dependent on the source computer to provide power?


Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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  • After further research I have my answer: No!

    Somehow I had gotten the idea that the iPad Dock came with or had a connection for an AC power adapter. It doesn't. It just has a connector on the back that accepts the standard iPad-to-USB cable. Power supplied to the iPad comes from the connected computer.

    Won't help in my situation after all...

    I've done some more looking around the 'net, and I can't believe no company makes a high-power (~ 1Amp) USB adapter that will allow charging and syncing an iPad to an older computer or laptop.

    Huge market developing for such a beast!