Will iBank share and exchange data between two different home computers; his and hers?

Can my wife and I both have access to the accounts we jointly share, yet use two different computers to exchange the data. I travel, she's at home, so can we both download iBank to our respective computers and exchange our joint finances between systems?

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    While you may install iBank on two computers (such as home and work, desktop and laptop, husband and wife, etc.), iBank 4 is not truly a networked application - so it's not designed to share data in the way you've described. That set-up would not keep data in sync between devices.

    A better solution, possibly, is to keep all of your accounts on a single computer, and in a single iBank document - and then sync that document to the iBank Mobile app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The mobile user can check balances, add transactions, and sync to the desktop copy via MobileMe or a WebDAV server - or wirelessly via Wi-Fi when you are back on your home network.