will any and all Nike running shoes work? Do they all have the slot for the sensor?

Type of Nike shoes that work with sensor

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Product No Longer Available

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    Only Nike+ shoes have the compartment, but all shoes will work. It might be umcomfortabe having a pedometer in your shoe, though.

  • Only Nike + shoes will work with the Nike+iPod kit. The Nike+ shoes have a removeable insole, and there is a shallow hole to place the sensor in. Although, you could use any brand of shoes and buy a separate pouch to place the sensor in.

  • Or what I just did. I lifted the sole of my sneaker up and dug out the part underneath. Made enough room for the Nike+ Sensor to fit in it.
    May be slightly off as I just only walked around and tested it.
    The sensor sticks up a little bit, from what I gutted out; but walking with it, couldn't feel the sensor.

    Also long as you don't mind destroying a pair of sneaker, that's the alternative solution I came up with for myself. Too bad I can't show a photo of how it looks, with a link.

  • Acully I wish they did but I am not sure

  • Actually, these will only work with most Nike+ sneakers. There are certain Nike Basketball and Training that require a different Nike + Sensor (1 in each shoe). The sensors for these shoes are different in shape and will not work in regular nike+ shoes that work with this sensor.

    Nike does not list which shoes work with which senors. Not sure why, but be cautious if you do plan on using these with Nike+ shoes.