Will Airport Extreme provide enough range for remote areas? My iPhone works where we are going.

Moving to Missouri. Lake of the Ozarks. No cable available and internet service is spotty.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    First you would need some type of internet service to use the Airport Extreme. Airport Extreme is a router which simply means it can take your existing internet service and share it with up to 50 other devices such computers, iPhones, printers and so on. As far as range, there is no guarantee. Wireless routers like the Airport Extreme use radio waves to communicate and radio waves are susceptible to interference and physical limitations. In most cases mounting the Airport Extreme in a central location and high above the floor produces very good results giving most homes complete coverage.

  • That depends on what you mean by remote areas. The range of the base station itself is measured in hundreds of feet (I don't know the maximum range but many such devices work anywhere from 50 to 300 feet). AirPort is designed to be a wireless access point so as long as you have internet service available it will allow you to connect to it.

    Other wireless networking should be fine, things like connecting multiple computers, wireless printing and so forth. Your iPhone working there just means you have cellular access which is something different.