Will a solid state drive work in a MacPro1,1 ?

512GB Solid-State Drive Kit for Mac Pro

512GB Solid-State Drive Kit for Mac Pro

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    Solid-state drives, generally? Yes, they work in a Mac Pro 1,1 if you can get them to fit physically -- nearly all SSDs are 2.5" or 1.8", and the Mac Pro drive caddies are built for 3.5" drives.

    This Apple "512GB Solid-State Drive Kit for Mac Pro" includes a specialized adapter bracket that connects the 2.5" SSD to a late-model Mac Pro drive caddy. This specialized Apple bracket does NOT fit a Mac Pro 1,1 drive caddy but you can easily find generic "hot-swap ready" brackets elsewhere which do fit. (You won't actually be "hot swapping" but you do need the spatial orientation of the two connectors vis-a-vis the backplane to be right.)

    Apple OS X 10.7 (& later) enables industry-standard TRIM support on Apple SSDs, only. Thus, this Apple 500GB drive in an after-market bracket in a Mac Pro 1,1 caddy will work just fine -- I am writing this response using exactly that configuration.

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