Will 3TB SATA Hard Drives work in Mac Pros? Do they have to be 7200s? (Specifically my Mac Pro (early 2008) with 2 x 2.8Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeons)

2TB SATA Hard Disk Drive Kit for Mac Pro

2TB SATA Hard Disk Drive Kit for Mac Pro

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    Yes. In fact, I have Seagate 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache drives running in the Quad-Core, 2006 Mac Pro (Model 1,1). Definitely will work in any newer model. There is no reason not to get 7200 RPM drives, as they are extremely cheap.

  • I went ahead and cloned my start up drive to the new 3T 5400rpm hard drive. As I write this my system is up and running with the new 3T start up drive! It worked with grace and ease and lots of room on my startup drive.

  • Macs have supported hundreds of terabytes of hard drive space since old Mac OS 4 or earlier. I had a 1992 Apple IIc which did. Even though the operating system supports many terabytes of hard drive, the Intel hardware may not. It is like pulling teeth to get this information from Apple and Intel will not discuss.
    One caution regarding 3TB hard drives, Windows XP and earlier do not support 3TB without a special hard drive driver to partition and trick the hard drive into thinking it is 2TB or smaller. Windows XP only supports 2TB. Windows 7 supports 3TB.
    Still, if you plan to run Bootcamp, until recently Bootcamp supported a maximum of 2TB. Presumably because Windows XP and 16-bit software had this limitation. If you plan to run Bootcamp, use Windows 7 or later and Mountain Lion 10.8.3